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Friends, below is an email I just sent out to those on our email list. If you didn't recieve it, you're not on my list! If you would like to be added, please send me (jardinmaravilloso@gmail.com) your address and we'll add you. The attachment mentioned is also on the blog; it's the previous post. Here it is:
Hello! Linda and I wanted to email you with some important information about Seaboard Jardin Maravilloso!
First and foremost, if you haven't heard about our Garden Grill out and Planting Night THIS Sunday July 17th at 6p, let me be the first to invite you! The last announcement we sent out had the planting night listed, but at the previous potluck, we decided it would be great to grill out not only to celebrate the garden, but also as a means to stir up more interest in the community. So, tonight (7/13), a small group of us will be canvasing New Haven with information about the garden. Anyone is welcome to join, we'll be meeting at La Puerta (715 Chipley) at 6:30p. Also, an announcement about the grill out has been attached to this email; please feel free to pass it on to ANYONE you think may be interested. We'll have kid-friendly activities at the garden as well. We would really love to make this a BIG event, and we'd love to have you there. (One tip: If you plan to attend, we won't have tables, so a blanket might be a good idea to sit on while you eat.)
We're also looking for some help in a few areas for Sunday. Could you fill any of these needs?
  • We need a grill! Don't worry, there's a back-up plan! BUT, if anyone is able to easily or conveniently transport a grill for the cook-out on Sunday night, it would be a HUGE help to Linda and I, as well be transporting a number of other things.
  • We also could use a few extra coolers.
  • As far as equipment, it's always great to have more shovels, metal rakes, wheelbarrows, or hand tools if you can throw those in your vehicle on your way over.
  • We're looking for people to put in charge of different "jobs" or stations at the planting night. If you plan to come and would be willing to lead in an area (food, planting, post-hole digging, mulching, etc.), it would help us stay organized.
  • Finally, we'd love to have music for this event, but to be honest, we're up to our ears in "to-dos", so are looking for someone who might be interested in coordinating that.
Please, Please, please contact us if you have any interest in helping in any of the above areas. Or, if you have other ideas, or would like to help or donate toward this event in other ways, we welcome your support!
In closing, we hope you've been checking out the blog lately, as a lot of exciting things have been happening; our drip system is a go, and we've been harvesting some great veggies! One update on harvesting: On Mondays, Lynsey is collecting any produce from the garden that has not been gathered from the previous week to donate to the local food bank and other various causes. If you would like items from the garden, please make sure to visit before Monday morning to ensure there's produce there. Also, don't forget about those herbs! If you haven't signed an "official" gardener contract, but have been involved with Jardin Maravilloso, we'd love for you to do so to show your support toward our endeavor.
As always, we're so grateful for your help and support. And, again, we'd LOVE to see you Sunday at 6p.
-Lynsey and Linda

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