Garden Grill Out

I may be biased, but I would say that our garden grill out and planting night last Sunday was a success. We got some work done, enjoyed some good food, but most importantly, spent time getting to know one another on a beautiful summer evening. Here's the highlights; but you can check out more pics on our facebook page.

Jaime helps his son, Enrique, build a bird house.

Carly and Abby help the kids plant broccoli and potatoes in our seed
starters for our fall crop. We also planted carrots, squash, potatoes and cabbage
in our raised beds.
Grilling out! Things got a little hot...

Fidencio helps his son paint his bird house.

On a cumcumber hunt...

Alan and Jacob clear the ground for our new raised bed.
Charlie and Bill work on fixing a leak at the water tank.
Arlette works on spreading the soil in our new raised bed.
Stephan adds more soil to the bed.

The kids show Carly all the Marigolds they "dead-headed"after an
intense race to see who could get the most.

Okay, just a few more shots. Couldn't help but share some of our harvest:

Beautiful tomatillos!

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  1. Looks like fun!! Wanted to be there but Josiah had a fever Sunday and throat infection. What beautiful produce!!